Cemetery Minutes 08-27-2007
Holland Cemetery Commission

Minutes of Commission meeting held on August 27, 2007.
Present:  Patricia Caron, Sarto Caron and Brian Johnson.

On 8-1-2007
Vendor Voucher paying John Deere $700.00 for a mower deck and $96.50 for lawn mower parts was given to the Town Treasurer.

On 8-14-2007
We received a $50.00 check from Margaret S. and Susan C. Ttee for the summer burial of Margaret Ordway in Section III, Lot 67, Plot B.

Christian Petersen gave us a memo relinquishing plot 111 in Section IX to the Cemetery Commission which will become effective when the remains of Bernice Petersen are transferred.

On 8-27-2007
Minutes of July 30, 2007 were read and accepted and will be distributed.

7:10 p.m. Charles E. and Joyce D. Garrand, Jr. of 15 Bernie Rd. gave us a check for $230.00 paying for Plot 82 in Sect. VIII, Perpetual Care and Bound Markers.

7:30 p.m. Patricia J. and Sarto G. Caron of 29 Shore Dr. bought Plot 85 in Sect. VIII, Perpetual Care and Bound Markers for $230.00.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved by all.  Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

On 9-4-2007
Bernice Petersen’s remains were transferred to plot 97, Section IX.  A Priest from St. Christopher Parish was in attendance and Brian Johnson was a witness.

On 9-19-2007
Sarto met with Barbara and Ray Korny and their daughter, of 70 Allen Hill Rd. at the cemetery where they selected Plots 199-200-225 and 226 in Sect. X.

On 9-24-2007
No Cemetery Meeting will be held due to a Special Town Meeting.

Respectfully submitted by:

Patricia J. Caron, Secretary
~Copies to:  Select Board, Town Clerk and File.