Cemetery Minutes 11-26-07
Holland Cemetery Commission

Minutes of Commission meeting held on November 26, 2007.
Present:  Patricia Caron, Sarto Caron.  Absent: Brian Johnson.

Minutes of 10-29-2007 were read and accepted.  

On 10-28-2007
Jesse Lewis Goldbaum died and was buries on 10-31-2007 in Section V, Plot 8.

We received a $350.00 check from Abraham L. Green and Son Funeral Home.

On 11-7-2007
A Vendor Voucher of $51.00 was submitted to pay John Deere, 146 Supply Center for lawn mower parts.

On 11-26-2007
Donna Kimball who presently lives at 340 Quaboag St., Unit 30, Brookfield, MA came to our meeting requesting a copy of her family deed (Philip M. and Rita A. Babineau) which we located in our files and we gave her a copy.  The family plot is located in Section V, Lot 11.

No other citizens came.

Commission adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

Patricia J. Caron, Secretary
~Copies to:  Select Board, Town Clerk and File.