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Minutes 8/25/09
Holland Conservation Commission
Minutes of Commission meeting held on August 25, 2009.
Present:  Mary vandenBerg, Chairperson, Marcia Beal, Patricia Caron, Howard Fife and Nathan Gumlaw.  Absent:  James Wettlaufer.

Chairperson called the meeting to order.

The Minutes of August 11, 2009 were read and accepted and will be distributed.

7:05 p.m.  Jerry Tabb, 45 Lakeshore Dr., Craig Johnson, 43 Lakeshore Dr, Agnes Gallerani, 37 Lakeshore Dr. and Carol Anderson, 35 Lakeshore Dr. spoke to us regarding their ongoing problems concerning the right of way on Lakeshore Dr.  They said that they all have deeded rights to the right of way and are being hampered in the use of the lake because Mr. Molin of 40 Lakeshore Dr. has placed his dock at an angle to his property.  Mr. Molin has hired an attorney since receiving” a Notice of Violation” from the acting Police Chief.  Mr. Molin’s attorney, by letter, stated “. . . . . Mr. Molin’s dock was reviewed and approved by the Holland Conservation Commission”.  We will review our records. We feel certain that the HCC did not give permission for the placement of the dock.

7:30 p.m.  The scheduled Public Hearing for a Notice of Intent for Ann Capra of the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission under an s.604(b) Water Quality Management Grant to the Town of Holland was held.  To date, we have not received a DEP file No. assigned to this project nor comments.  Daniel Bourdeau of  Geosyntec Consulants presented the three (3) projects.  Present for the Fenton St. project were abutters Gail Neff and Elena Thompson of Brandon St.  Following discussion, motion was made by Howard Fife to close the Fenton St. Hearing pending the DEP’s comments.  No abutters were present for the Mashapaug/Kimball Hill Rd. projects.  Ann Capra informed us that Mr. Robert Bellville of 79 Kimball Hill Rd. has stated that he prefers to do the maintenance of the Kimball Hill Rd. project rather than the Town.  Howard Fife informed Ann Capra that Mr. Bellville would then require an Order of Conditions which would be attached to the property deed.  Ann Capra will discuss the matter with Mr. Bellville.  Following discussion, motion was made by Howard Fife to close the Mashapaug/Kimball Hill Rd. Hearings pending the DEP’s comments.  All were in favor of closing the Hearing at 8:40 p.m.

Jean (Vigeant) Curtis of  Lot 9/10 Sturbridge Rd. Map R19-B-9 & 10 wants to build a 28’ x 50’ ranch.  Having no wetland issues, Mary vandenBerg signed Procedure Sheet #2009-1359.

John and Mary Studley of 30 Alexander Rd. Map 02-C-03 want to remodel their home.  Having no wetland issues, Mary vandenBerg signed Procedure Sheet #2009-1360.

Ann Gagnon  of 36 Massaconnic Trail wants to repair a lakefront wall.  Mary vandenBerg signed Procedure Sheet #2009-1358.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by:

Patricia J. Caron, Secretary

Copies to:  Select Board, Town Clerk, Board of Health, Planning Board, Building Inspector, Highway Surveyor, ZBA, File and HCC Chairperson.

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