Minutes 8-27-13
Holland Conservation Commission
Minutes of Commission meeting held on August 27th, 2013.
Present: James Wettlaufer, Chairperson, Marcia Beal, Neal Byrne (excused), Patricia Caron, and Fran Gallo
7:05 pm. James Wettlaufer, Chairperson called the meeting to order.
Minutes of August 13th, 2013 were read and accepted.
Old Business:
  • JW and committee discussed Elias Hanna case - DEP File#184-0287. Map R3/B/46/1 Sturbridge and Leno Rd (see minutes of August 13t) . No further action will be taken.
  • After speaking with Mark Stinson, JW advised member's there are 3 things this committee can do regarding an Order of Condition: 1) Approve the OOC; 2) Take No Action; or, 3) Continue the Hearing. If an Order of Condition is not issued then an appeal can be made to the DEP.
  • For this reason, the vote that was made denying the OOC for EH was meaningless; Therefore, no further action will be taken.
  • JW submitted paper outlining the complete time-line of Mr. Hanna's case for filing.
Request for Certificate of Compliance
  • J. Bradford Noble, 53 Sandy Beach Road - DEP File#184-0286. Map# R38/E/1.
  • Lynn Shulman 336 Masapaug Road - DEP FILE#184-0252. Map# R6/A/8.
New Business
  • PC advised HRA member's are requesting draw-down of the lake October 15th. PC will write letter to selectman.
Walk ins:
Joel R. Jette, representing Paul Sullivan of 5 Waterfront Way. Map#R10/A/4.
  • JJ came in requesting information regarding increasing the size of deck.
  • JW advised JJ to go to the ZBA. Since the property is in buffer zone, a least a request for determination is needed.
  • PC advised he did not have to contact abutters.
Anthony Romano, of Paver Pros, representing Michael Pinoet of 25 Sandy Beach Road. Map# R3/G/8.
  • AR requesting to remove three trees from the property, One tree by the side of the house, and 2 trees by the waters edge. Crane will be stationed on street – bucket will be used to take out the 2 waterside.
  • JW advised no problem with trees removal.
  • AR filled out Procedure and Signature sheet.
  • AR discussed also putting in a retaining wall
  • JW Consulted town map and noted plot is approximately 50ft by 80 ft. - advised HCC will need the dimension of the retaining wall and at least a Request for Determination is needed.
Consensus of committee that there was no problem with tree removal. JW signed procedure sheet. A letter of determination is needed with more information regarding retaining wall.
  • AR submitted letter of intent with work that was not discussed at meeting, but will be addressed at a future date.
Mark LaMontagne - representing Joseph and Annette Nimiroski's project, 25 Old Country Rd, DEP File#184-0288. Map #R30/B/1.
  • Stopped in to dropped off Recorded Order of Conditions.
Albert Beeman of 4 Union Road. Map#R3/B/46/1.
  • (cont from 8-13-13). Dropped off 4 pictures and letter of intent in order to mow and trim overgrowth at beach located across from PJ's adjacent to Aqua Riders property. Paperwork filed for review by anyone who comes into the HCC representing the beach.
Doug Curving of 3 Pine Tree Drive – Discussed repairing and replacing rotting roof on boathouse. Map# R41/B/13.
  • DC submitted photos.
  • JW asked how debris will be removed.
  • DC advised he will rent and have all debris taken away by dumpster.
Consensus that it would not be a problem. JW signed procedure sheet.
Dave Horowitz - 51 Lake Ridge Drive. Map# R0/A/4
  • DW Requesting to expand screen porch to existing wood porch area. Actual footprint will not change.
  • DW states ZBA has approved project.
  • JW stated that the footprint has not changed, he does not see any problems and signed procedure sheet.
8:11 pm. JW made a motion to adjourn, seconded by FG. All in favor.
Respectfully submitted by

Frances Gallo
CC. Select Board, Town Clerk, Board of Health, Planning Board, Building Inspector, Highway Surveyor, ZBA, File and HCC Chairperson.