Minutes 10-22-13
Holland Conservation Commission
Minutes of Commission meeting held on October 22nd, 2013
Present Members: Chairperson, James Wettlaufer (late arrival, excused); Neal Byrne; Marcia Beal; Patricia Caron; Fran Gallo
Others: Andy Cormier, Mark Farrell, Charlene Henchey, Joanne Higgins, Brian Johnson (Holland Highway Department), Kristen LaPlant, Audrey Kuhney, Audrey Leighton, Ron Leighton, Marc Stinson (Massachusetts DEP).
7:00 pm. Neal Byrne, Acting Chairperson, called meeting to order.
Motion by NB to waived reading and accept amended minutes from September 24th; MB (2nd).
Old Business:
·~ Thomas Pineau - 25 Sandy Beach Road~- R35/G/8–DEP FILE # 184-0290 - Member discussion.
o~~~ NB has done a site visit - retaining wall appears to be higher then allowed by zoning. Building permit must be issued if wall is over 4ft high. Turned over to Building Inspector.
·~ Discussed Committee board and Quorum rules with MS. Per Kristen LaPlante the town voted in 1977 to accept the provisions of MGL- Chapter 40 section 8c, which established conservation commissions. The Massachusetts General Law states “the commission can consist of not less than 3 nor more than 7 members.” Thereby making a majority of appointed members a quorum.
·~ Kathleen Hunt - 225 Mashapaug Road R28/F/3 – Discussion.
o~~~ MS stated the information sent to DEP by Leslie Duffy not did not show a soil and vegetation analysis - Lists construction of rain garden that will stop road sediments from reaching the lake, but MS advised you cannot put a rain garden where there is already a wetland.
o~~~ JW stated no wetland present.
o~~~ MS will issue a DEP file number, MS advise HCC to reopen public hearing and do site visit.
New Business
·~ Discussed 90 Maybrook Road – NB noted cutting of trees in Wetland.
·~ MS advised we will need conservation bylaws that will adhere compliance to wetland protection act. Suggested we share an enforcement agent with Palmer, Wales, Brimfield.
Walk ins:
·~ Brian Johnson – Holland Highway Department~(Accompanied by Joanne Higgins, Highway Department Clerk). Presented bundled NOI for townwide maintenance of all road maintained by Holland, Ma. NOI noted general project description as:
“Maintenance of all town roads: A. Cutting of vegetation alone the roadway right of way that have historically been cut, B. Grading of gravel roads, C. Cleaning of drainage ditches, D. Replacement of Culverts, E. Paving.”
o~~~ MS advised to put the word out to the public as much as possible (Cable, stores, website, etc.).
o~~~ MS advised all questions from the community and commission will have to be addressed at public hearing.
o~~~ JH came in to speak with MS about endangered/rare species and to see if anything else would have to go into narrative.
o~~~ MS advise to use the sample from the OOC from the Granby conservation commission.
o~~~ MS will attend public hearing on Nov 12th.
o~~~ PC & MB will place newspaper advertisement and list public hearing.
o~~~ JH will advertise on cable and website.
o~~~ MS advised it will not include culverts placements – each has to be done on an individual basis.
o~~~ MS states OOC will be valid for 3 years, then it can be extended after every 3 years period.
First Public hearing will be held November 12th~at 7:30PM, than will be continued on November 26th.
·~ Darlene DePeau, 5 Shore Drive, R01/A/6~– Have an existing carport – would like extend basement (under carport) and convert carport to an additional room in home. Carport approximately 80 ft from water. ZBA approval given.
Procedure sheet Signed, with the condition that all material be taken away from site.
7:30 PM Charlene Henchey – 30 Stony Hill Road.~Lot R10/A/12. Proposal to raise and rebuild cottage and install a new septic system.
Present:~Charlene Henchey, Owner; Mark Farrell, Contractor; Andy Cormier, Builder; Abutters; Audrey Leighton, Ronald Leighton, 32 Stony Hill Road; and Roberta C Kohnly, 28 Stony Hill Road.
1.~~~~ MF/AC Propose to remove and rebuild cottage on the exact same footprint - then drew attention to proposed plans - Existing well will not be replaced.
2.~~~~ Upgrade septic – will purify water in chamber than pump the water to top of hill. Septic location will change.
3.~~~~ Compromised timber retaining wall will be replaced with sloping boulders - 3rd~retaining wall will be above septic tank. Non-conforming lot, still have to go to BOH and ZBA.
4.~~~~ MF noted property footprint includes a small octagon deck, part of deck will be added to the house as an alcove at entrance.
5.~~~~ Closer to property line - Square footage will stay the same.
6.~~~~ NB asked how close to property line. MF stated maybe 4 ft., but will be going to ZBA and BOH for approval.
7.~~~~ AC/MF do not believe they will have to cut down any trees but will most likely prune and trim them.
8.~~~~ AC will make access road down center of property to bring up debris.
9.~~~~ MF Basement area will be living space – Above living space, where the existing cottage is located, will now be bedrooms. MF Dimensions 28' by 30' main house with an 8ft deck - 68 steps. AC If weather holds, after ZBA approval, would like to start right away. Otherwise, may have to wait until spring if snows.]
·~~~~~~~~ JW stated that the only issue for conservation is the steepness of the lots, and if when clearing the lot – will the haybales and stilt fences be enough to protect the wetland by runoff. AC replied they will most likely do several tiers of haybales and silt fences. May use rip rap, stone.
·~~~~~~~~ JW advised additional control is needed because of the steepness of the land, requested daily berms be used when working to keep velocity of water down - Will be reflected in OOC.
10.~ CH stated she would also like to add erosion control by water's edge. Would like to put boulders by water. MF advised adding a flat rock up against high water mark.
·~~~~~~~~ JW advised boulders cannot be put into lake – must be above high water mark.
·~~~~~~~~ JW/NB advised HCC needs a more detailed description and written plan with actual dimensions of project by water – all work must be above high water mark
·~~~~~~~~ Site visit scheduled TBA.
Motion by NB to continue Public hearing until November 12th 8:30. Seconded by FG. All in Favor.
8:46 pm. NB made a motion to adjourn, seconded by FG. All in favor.
Respectfully submitted,
Frances Gallo
CC Select Board, Town Clerk, Board of Health, Planning Board, Building Inspector, Highway Surveyor, ZBA, File and HCC Chairperson