Minutes 11-26-2013
 Holland Conservation Commission
~27 Sturbridge Rd, Holland, MA 01521

Minutes of Commission meeting held on November 26th, 2013

Present Members: Chairperson, James Wettlaufer; Marcia Beal; Patricia Caron; Fran Gallo
Absent Members: Neal Byrne

Others: Thomas Allanach, Ray Boire, Joanne Higgins, Brian Johnson (Holland Highway Department).
7:00 pm. James Wettlaufer, called meeting to order.

Motion by JW to waived reading and accept amended minutes from November 12th; MB (2nd).

Walk ins:
Mr. Ferro, representing Joseph Digeronimo of 53 Mashapaug Road DEP FILE # 184-0289 Map R12/C/2.  Brought in a copy of recorded Order of Conditions.


7: 30 PM Thomas and Clarissa Allanach – 13 Shore Drive - Map# R01/A/2
  • Work Description –“To remove the existing rotted timbers and steps on the rear sloping lot to the lake.  These timbers to be replaced with natural stone walls and steps.  These walls and steps to be constructed on top of a dry compacted processed gravel footing.  The wall will be backfilled with 3/4” crushed stone and filter fabric.  The steps will be of 6in thickness and will be built into the walls and slope and will continue approximately 30 feet to the level lawn area at the top of the slope.”
  • RDA submitted to committee along with legal ad fee.
Motion by Jim W. to issue negative determination.  (2nd) Pat C. All in Favor.  Determination of Applicability signed by members.

8:00 - Brian Johnson – Holland Highway Department~(Accompanied by Joanne Higgins, Highway Department Clerk).
  • Presented RDA to “remove leaves, trash and debris from the corner of the south end of the lake near Candlewood Drive.  Will use 595 excavator with a swale bucket and six wheel dump truck.”
Motion by Jim W. to issue a negative determination. (2nd) Pat C.  All in Favor.  Determination of Applicability signed by members.

  • Presented bundled NOI for town wide maintenance of all road maintained by Holland, Ma. NOI noted general project description as:
“Maintenance of all town roads: A. Cutting of vegetation along the roadway right of way that have historically been cut, B. Grading of gravel roads, C. Cleaning of drainage ditches, D. Replacement of Culverts, E. Paving.”

  • Discussed Bundled NOI.
  • Joanne H. and Brian J. are working closely with Mark Stinson from the Massachusetts DEP in completing the Bundled NOI.
Continue public hearing for bundled NOI narrative scheduled for December 10th, 2013 7:30PM.

8:30 PM – Ray Boire, of Enterprise Renovations, representing Uldis and Sally Jekabson 18 Brandon Street – Procedure Sheet #1546.  Map #R01/C/8.

  • Request to add an11’by 16’ office/den off of existing home.
  • Will mail in $40 check for legal ad to HCC.
Motion by Jim W. to issue a negative determination. (2nd) Pat C.  All in Favor.  -RDA and Procedure sheet signed by members.

9:03 pm. Jim W. made a motion to adjourn, seconded by FG. All in favor.

Respectfully submitted,
Frances Gallo

Copies: Select Board, Town Clerk, Board of Health, Planning Board, Building Inspector, Highway Surveyor, ZBA, File and HCC Chairperson