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Minutes 4-8-14
Holland Conservation Commission
~27 Sturbridge Road, Holland Ma 01521
Minutes of Commission meeting held on April 8, 2014
Present Members: Chairperson, James Wettlaufer; Marcia Beal; Pat Caron; Fran Gallo.
7:00 pm. James Wettlaufer, Chairperson, called meeting to order.
Motion by JW to waived reading and accept minutes from March 25, 2014; MB (2nd).
  • Karen Raymond, 8 Amber Road, Map #R27/A/5.  Brian Johnson, Holland Highway Department, present for emergency situation that occurred March 29, Saturday.
  • Site visit made by JW March 30, Sunday.
  • Pipe under the road, that brings storm water from the west side of the road to the east side of the road, clogged. Water runoff washed into KR’s yard.
  • JW spoke with Mark Stinson from DEP, work falls under emergency water management - Public safety at risk.
  • Brian Johnson requested permission to remove 90 degree angle in pipe so the water can flow directly into the catch basin.
  • Emergency Certification Form completed.
  • HHD will remove 90 degree angle by removing the 2 existing 12” culverts.
  • Install 2, 18” culverts that will go straight to 4’ catch basin.
  • Headwall will be installed at discharge end of pipe.
  • Water flow will not be disturbed until every last pipe is in place.
  • HHD will comply with all procedures necessary for complete erosion control.
Pictures will be taken before and after.
  • Project will begin no later than Monday, April 14th and will completed no later than April 30th, 2014.
MOTION by JW the HHC to issue EMERGENCY STORM WATER DRAINAGE REPAIR to protect the Raymond household.  Special condition: Proper erosion control before work begins. (2nd) Fran G. All in Favor

  • Elias Hanna, Property located corner of Sturbridge and Leno Road, Map #R3/B/46/1.
  • JW emailed Karen Hirschberg from the DEP - DEP stated number still has not been assigned. KH will forward request to proper party.
  • JW visited property - it appears the proposed leach field is entirely inside the flood zone.
  • JW did site visit Wednesday March 26th - JW noted no wetland flags were visible.  Parcel need to be reflagged.
  • HCC cannot go forward with hearing until; 1) A new DEP file number is issued; 2) A data sheet for DELINIATION OF THE WETLANDS is received, and, 3) Parcel is reflagged.
  • Nicole Croteau of Burton Engineering will be contacted.
  • 39 Maybrook Road – Map #8/D/4/3 - DEP received a complaint regarding possible violation.
  • JW did a site visit and addressed the issue with Mark Stinson.  JW advise MS that did not find any massive problem.  
  • MS asked for pictures, JW agreed, but advised there wasn’t anything to take pictures of - there was 3” of rain, but no problems could be seen.
  • Brandon Road – Anonymous complaint that water is being discharged from a home in Union Ct.  JW contacted Ct. Representative to investigate.  

7: 30 Raymond Boire, 8 Shore Lane, Map #R01/A/10.  RDA filed.  
  • Would like to replace existing retaining wall and replace with an identical one. A dumpster will be used to remove old timbers.  Nothing will be put in the water. Property will not be disturbed.  RB will notify us when he will start the work in the fall.
MOTION by PC to accept request for determination with a negative approval – thus not requiring an NOI. (2nd) MB. All in favor.

  • Jim Kingston 22 Lake Shore Drive Map #R24/C/15.  Would like to repair existing 6’ X 8’ X 90’ timber seawall sometime in fall. Leaning towards replacing with a cement wall with fiberglass sheeting.
  • JW advised RDA and NOI procedures.
  • JW advised HCC will need a detailed drawing including narrative.
  • JW further advised the DEP needed to be contacted and a file number issued.  Adding, if the wall is replaced with something completely different, an engineer maybe needed.  Fee based on linear footage.     
8: 35 PM - JW made a motion to adjourn, seconded by MB. All in favor

Respectfully Submitted,

Fran Gallo
CC: Select Board, Town Clerk, Board of Health, Planning Board, Building Inspector, Highway Surveyor, ZBA, File and HCC Chairperson, Board Clerk.

Town of Holland 27 Sturbridge Road, Holland, MA 01521
Phone: 413-245-7108 Fax: 413-245-7037
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