Finance Board Agenda 02/15/2014
Holland, MA—Finance Board                

     Meeting Agenda


                             February 12, 2014

Call To Order
Meeting to start at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, February 12, 2014 in the Town Hall. The Finance Board will meet jointly with the Board of Selectmen for development of the FY15 proposed budget.
Approval of Minutes
  • January 22, 2014 Draft Minutes
  • No Minutes for February 5, 2014, as meeting was canceled due to snowstorm.  
New Business
  • Review of the Community Center Budget Proposal – Director Paula Bak
  • Review of the Council On Aging Budget Proposal – COA Chair Chris Haller
  • Review of Police Dept. Budget Proposal – Chief Bryan Haughey (if available)
  • Cell Phone Usage Costs – Brian Johnson
Open Issues
  • General Discussion of FY15 Budget Items
  • Open Forum for Items Not Anticipated in Advance
Next Meeting
     February 26, 2014 – Review of the Library Budget Proposal