Planning Board Minutes 05/13/2014
Holland Planning Board
Meeting Minutes May 13, 2014

Present:  Lynn Arnold, Larry Mandell, Rich Polverari
Absent:   Don Sanders, Dori-Ann Ference                                                                                           
The meeting of the Holland Planning Board was opened at 7:00 pm.
The minutes from the meeting of April 8 and  22, 2014 were approved as read.
Lynn attended  the Public Hearing of the Union CT Planning Board regarding the development of property bordering the Holland Commercial District to determine the Union treatment of this property and its potential impact to Holland given that the property in question is located in Union and Holland.  Phase 2 blasting, towards the cell tower and closer to Holland was discussed but not yet approved.  
We will continue to review potential bylaws to address potential consequences in the event that this project continues to develop and move over the border into Holland.  In addition to ground water and lake water concerns, the heavy trucks driving over the causeway carrying material away from this project is a concern.  Lynn will look into potential weigh limitations that the town can impose to prevent this potentially damaging traffic.
The Board reviewed a  response to the  Assessors  request for information regarding the term of an ANR.  See attached response for the details of this request and response.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00.

Respectfully submitted,
Lawrence Mandell, Secretary
 CC:  Conservation Committee, Selectmen, Building Inspector, Zoning Board, Board of Health, Town Clerk