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cyber bullying parents
Sometimes it’s difficult for parents to relate to the issues facing children today because of how much society has changed over the years. The problems children face in this generation are different because of advances in technology and communication. When it comes to bullying, the bully gets their own way and satisfies their own needs by aggressively intimidating the weaker people through cruelty and coercion. Bullying has been an issue from generation to generation however; the devices used to bully have advanced.

Past generations faced bullying at school but were able to get away from it all when they went home. Today’s youth not only face bullying at school but they face “cyber bullying” as well. Some children are tormented and humiliated during every moment of their lives through the internet, on instant messengers, networking websites and cell phone text messages.

Schools and police can only do so much when it comes to bullying, but as parents you can help. Teaching starts at the home; monitor your children’s activities on the computer and cell phone and teach them to contact an adult if they are being bullied in any way. Furthermore, you can teach your children it’s wrong to bully others, because you may be the parent of the bully and not even know it. It’s a serious issue for today’s youth. The reality is kid’s have been killed and committed suicide because of the pressures they face today. By simply talking to your children and monitoring their activities you can make a huge difference in their life and in the lives of others.

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