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Firearms Licensing Procedures
If you have any questions regarding LTC/FID licensing procedures you may call the police station at (413) 245-0117 and leave a message on the departments general voicemail, however most questions can be answered by reviewing this page.

To obtain or renew a firearms identification permit or license to carry you must fill out the (Firearms Identification (FID) Card / License To Carry Firearms (LTC) Application). You may obtain this application by visiting the Firearms Record Bureau section of the official website of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security and print the (FID) / (LTC) Application. Alternatively, you may pick up a copy at the police station or by contacting the Criminal History Systems Board (CHSB) at 617-660-4782. Once you have filled out the application submit it to the police department by mail or in person.

After receiving your application we will begin a background check which includes a criminal history and Department of Mental Health check then contact you to schedule an appointment for photographs and finger prints. The entire process can take up to 60 days so if you are renewing a license it is a good idea to submit your application prior to the expiration date. In accordance with chapter 150 of the Acts of 2004 your permit will remain valid for a period of (90) days after the stated expiration date provided the holder applies for renewal prior to the expiration of the LTC / FID, unless the application is denied.
  • Included with your application you must submit a copy of your firearms safety certificate or hunter safety course certificate.
  • Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, any person applying for the issuance of a Firearms Identification Card (FID) under M.G.L. Chapter 129B. a class A or a Class B License To Carry firearms under sections 131 or 13IF or a permit to purchase under section 131A who was not licensed under the provisions of this chapter on June 1, 1998, shall in addition to the requirements set forth in sections l29B, 131, l3lA or 13W submit to the licensing authority a basic firearms safety certificate.
  • The Colonel of the Massachusetts State Police shall certify certain persons as firearms safety instructors and shall certify safety course curriculum.
  • A certificate issued by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, evidencing the satisfactory completion of a hunter safety course, shall serve as a valid substitute for a basic firearms safety certificate.
  • The Holland Police Department has the authority to issue firearms permits to Holland residents or persons who own a business in Holland.
  • Applicants for a License to Carry (LTC) must be at least 21 years old.
  • Applicants for a Firearms Identification Card (FID) must be at least 18 years old.
  • A person between the ages of 15 and 18 may apply for an FID card provided a letter from the parent giving them permission to have an FID card is written. The letter must be signed by the parent in the presence of the department’s licensing officer or issuing authority.
  • All applicants must be U.S. citizens.
In order to be eligible for either permit the applicant may not have ever been convicted in any court of the Commonwealth or any other state or federal jurisdiction for the following.
1.      A felony.
2.      A misdemeanor punishable by more than 2 years, including the following offenses.

Crimes against the Person
  • Assault (c. 265, §13A)
  • Assault & Battery (c. 265, §13A)
  • A&B on Public Employee (c.265, §131)
  • Permitting Injury to a Child (c. 265, §13S)
  • Gross Negligence by Common Carrier (c. 265, §30)
  • A&B/Property Damage to Intimidate (c. 265, §39)
  • Causing Injury in a Physical Exercise Program (c. 265, §40)
  • Resisting Arrest (c. 268, §32B)
Crimes Against Property
  • Failure to Report Hotel Fire (c. 266, §13A)
  • Larceny from Common Carrier/Business (c. 266, §30(1))
  • Larceny Under $250 from Elder/Disabled Person (c. 266, §30(5))
  • Shoplifting Over $100 (c.266, §30A)
  • Falsely Obtaining Commercial Computer Service (c. 266, §33A)
  • Receipt of Deposit by Insolvent Bank (c. 266, §54)
  • Receiving Stolen Property Under $250 (c. 266, §60)
  • False Statement to Motor Vehicle Insurer (c. 266, §111B)
  • Obstruction of Medical Facility - Sebseq. Offense (c. 266, §120E)
  • Wanton Destruction Property Over $250 (c. 266, §127)
  • Destruction Church/School Property (c. 266, §127A)
  • Destruction Jail Property (c. 266, §130)
Motor Vehicle Offenses
  • Operating After Suspension for OUI/MVH, etc. (c. 90, §23)
  • OUI (c. 90, §24(1)) (only applies to conviction after May 27,           1994)
  • Motor Vehicle Homicide while OUI or While OTE (c. 90, §24G(b))
  • OUI with Serious Bodily Injury (c. 90B, §24L(2))
  • OUI on a Vessel (c. 90B, §8(a))
  • OUI on a Vessel with Serious Bodily Injury (c. 90B, §8A(2))
  • Homicide by Vessel While OUI or While OTE (c. 90B, § 8B(2))
Applicants are ineligible if they are currently the subject of an outstanding arrest warrant in any state or federal jurisdiction as well as a permanent or temporary domestic restraining order.
Definitions / Exceptions:
  • Conviction- A guilty finding for an adult or an adjudication of delinquency in the case of a juvenile. A dismissal or a continuation without a finding (CWOF) is not considered a conviction.
  • Exception for FID card- except for a violent crime or trafficking a controlled substance, if the FID applicant has been convicted five years or more prior to filing the application he / she would be eligible for an FID. The five years is calculated from the end of the confinement, probation or parole imposed as a result of the conviction.
  • For an LTC, the issuing authority has the final discretion to determine if the applicant is a “suitable person” and must have a “good reason to fear injury to his person or property, or for any other reason, including the carrying of firearms for use in sport or target practice only”. The Holland Police Department will strictly follow the guidelines of disqualifications set forth by the Commonwealth when determining issuance of permits.
  • All fee's are collected during your photograph / finger print appointment.
  • Checks should be made payable to the Town of Holland. Only checks or money order accepted, (no cash please).
  • LTC and FID cards are issued for 6 years.
FID / LTC       
  • Issue- $100.00
  • Renewal- $100.00
  • Renewals if over 70 years of age- no fee
FID Chemical Restricted
  • Issue-  $25.00
  • Renewal-  no fee

Town of Holland 27 Sturbridge Road, Holland, MA 01521
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