School Committee Minutes 11/09/2006

Minutes of 11/9/06

Present:  Steven Anderstrom, Chairman; Susan Kennedy, Vice Chairman; Christine Croke, Secretary; Heather Blakeley

Also Present:  Dan Durgin, Superintendent; Andrew Samuelson, Principal; Charlotte Lundgren, Recording Secretary

Audience Present:  Susan Porter,  Marissa Guarrez

The meeting was called to order at 6:34 p.m.

MOTION 06-69 by Christine Croke, second by Steven Anderstrom to approve the minutes of 10/12/06, with the following change:  Heather Blakeley was absent last month.  Motion approved 3 in favor, 1 abstention

As was reported last month, $55,000 will be coming from grant funds to cover the shortfall showing in Teacher Salaries and Out-of-district tuitions.

MOTION 06-70 by Christine Croke, second by Heather Blakeley to accept the financial report until audited.  Motion approved unanimously.

Mr. Durgin presented the October 2, 2006 enrollment figures to the Committee.

The Time on Learning Report was also presented to the Committee and discussed.


Holland-Wales Regionalization Study Committee will not be meeting until December.
Union 61 Curriculum Subcommittee – Mrs. Blakeley was unable to attend the meeting.
Union 61 Personnel Subcommittee – Mr. Burns was not present to report on the meeting.

Mr. Samuelson reported that the enrollment data changed by one less student.  He also reported that the annual Trunk or Treating that is sponsored by the PTO was very successful again this year.

Steven Turkington was hired to replace Mr. Lussier as evening custodian.

Mr. Samuelson also reported that the parking lights have been fixed.  He also reported that two companies have come in regarding the installation of a security system.  Mr. Samuelson is waiting for estimates from each company.

Rich Brown, Facilities Manager, also had an asbestos inspection done in the basement.

Mr. Durgin presented the 2007/08 calendar to the Committee.  

MOTION 06-71 by Steven Burns, second by Heather Blakeley to approve the 2007/08 calendar.
Motion approved unanimously.

Discussing  policy IC/ICA.  It was decided to make an addition to this policy.

MOTION 06-72 by Christine Croke, second by Heather Blakeley to accept policy IA/IGBE for second reading and adoption with the following change:  add the following to policy IC/ICA:  “Receiving school services can include time at the Nurse’s Office, transportation provided by the school and unscheduled guidance services”.  Motion approved unanimously.

MOTION 06-73 by Heather Blakeley, second by Christine Croke to accept Policy IHBEA: English as a Second Language as second reading and adoption.  Motion approved unanimously.

Mr. Anderstrom had questions concerning the student handbook.  Mr. Samuelson passed out handbooks to the Committee and it was discussed.  

MOTION 06-74 by Christine Croke, second by Heather Blakeley to adjourn the meeting at 7:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Christine Croke