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School Committee Minutes 02/0/8/2007
Minutes 2/8/07

Present:  Steven Anderstrom, Chairman; Susan Kennedy, Vice Chairman:  Christine Croke, Secretary; Heather Blakeley.  Steven Burns was absent.

Also Present:  Dan Durgin, Superintendent; Maryellen Brunelle, Associate Superintendent; Deb Boyd, Business Manager; Andrew Samuelson,  Charlotte Lundgren, Recording Secretary

Audience Present:  Nancy Peloquin, Sarah Kakish, Jen Iller, Dawn Merriman, Kim Sewart, Rick Munnis, Alison Feeney

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

MOTION 07-07  by Heather Blakeley, second by Steven Anderstrom to approve the minutes of 1/11/07.
Motion approved 3 in favor, 1 abstention

Mrs. Boyd reported that there were no new concerns.  The REAP grant has just been processed.  Mrs. Boyd is optimistic.

MOTION 07-08  by Steven Anderstrom, second by Christine Croke o accept the financial report until audited.  Motion approved unanimously.

Letters have been sent to Electric Boat and Mass Mutual thanking them for the computer donations.

Holland/Wales Regionalization Committee – met and reviewed a total of 5 properties that are being looked at.

Union 61 Curriculum – no meeting; the next meeting will be held in March.

Personnel Committee – Several job descriptions were discussed.

Mr. Samuelson reported that there has been an improvement in attendance.  The first quarter 29 letters were sent to parents and only 15 in the second quarter.  The office referrals have also decreased during the second quarter.  

Mr. Samuelson also reported that Greg Rossow, Technology Director for the region and Mrs. Augustus, along with students from Tantasqua have been working to prepare the new computers.  

Staffing proposals for next year were discussed.  The committee has come up with 3 different proposals that would work.  Mr. Samuelson had meetings with parents on Monday, 12 and Tuesday, February 13, to explain the changes for next year.  The meetings went very well.

Mr. Durgin reported that Holland has had more improvement in attendance than any of the other schools in the district.  

Mr. Durgin also spoke about the March 16 professional development day.  It was very successful.

Mr. Durgin also informed the Committee that the nurses have put together a protocol and procedure handbook.

Greg Rossow has gone over all the computers and says that Holland received $28,000 in computers.  The server that is in the school at this time will not be big enough for the new computers.  Therefore, Mr. Durgin recommended to the Committee that School Choice monies should be taken to purchase a new server.

Mr. Durgin also discussed purchasing the buzzer and monitor system for the front door of the school for security.

MOTION 07-09 by Christine Croke, second by Heather Blakeley to spend up to $10,000 from School Choice to purchase a new server and a buzzer and monitor system for the front door.  Motion approved unanimously.
Policies JLCDD, JKAA, and GDA through GDQD need to be accepted on first reading.

MOTION 07-10 to accept on first reading policies JLCDD, JKAA, and GDA through GDQD.
Motion approved unanimously.

Job descriptions for Principal; Custodian; Food Service Director/Cafeteria Manager; Lead/Head Custodian were discussed.

MOTION 07-11 by Steven Anderstrom, second by Christine Croke to accept job descriptions for Principal; Custodian; Food Service Director/Cafeteria Manager; Lead/Head Custodian.
Motion approved unanimously.

There was a discussion to remove the server ($5500) and software ($2604) from the 07/08 budget and also remove the remediation amount ($8000) from the 07/08 budget.  A decision was made to keep these items in for now and if necessary remove them at a later date if necessary.

MOTION 07-13 by Steven Anderstrom, second by Christine Croke to bring the number $2,345,458 to the March public hearing, for the fiscal ’08 budget.
Motion approved unanimously.

Parents asked that the agenda for the School Committee meeting be posted in the school.

Motion 07-14 by Steven Anderstrom, second by Susan Kennedy to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Christine Croke, Secretary

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