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School Committee Minutes 03/08/2007
Minutes of 3/8/07

Present:  Steven Anderstrom, Chairman; Susan Kennedy, Vice Chairman; Christine Croke, Secretary; Steven Burns; Heather Blakeley

Also Present:  Dan Durgin, Superintendent; Deb Boyd, Business Manager; Maryellen Brunelle, Associate Superintendent; Andrew Samuelson, Principal; Charlotte Lundgre, Recording Secretary

Audience Present:  Amy Sweet, Dianne Bessette, Dawn Merriman, Paul Hamel, Katie Fitzgerald, Don Sanders, Scott Pastur, Jim Wettlaufer, Earl Johnson

Meeting was called to order at 6:36 p.m.

MOTION  07-15  by Christine Croke, second by Heather Blakeley to approve the minutes of 2/8/07.  Motion approved unanimously.

Mrs. Boyd reported that there was nothing new and significant with the budget.  REAP grant has been received.  She also reported that some small grant funds will be coming to take care of the shortfall of the budget.

MOTION 07-16 by Christine Croke, second by Heather Blakeley to accept the financial report until audited.  Motion approved unanimously.

Holland/Wales Regionalization Committee – no meeting; 3 properties looked at by architectural form.
Curriculum Committee – Meeting was held on 3/6.  The topic was to review math curriculum steps taken.

Mr. Durgin read a letter from Karoline Duncan, Special Education teacher letting the School Committee know of her intent to retire after this year.

Mr. Samuelson reported that he met again with the teachers regarding next year’s schedule.  There has been some question about the academic support schedule.
The new server has come in.  Mr. Rossow and Mrs. Augustus have been working hard to get the computers up and working.
The new door system will be done before April vacation.  

MOTION 07-17 by Steven Anderstrom, second by Christine Croke to accept a donation of $275.00 from the Holland Teacher’s Association for library books, with thanks.
Motion approved unanimously.

Mr. Durgin reported that Mr. Rossow has spent the last 21/2 days in Holland.  When he is done, Holland Elementary will be a state of the art technology school.  Five computers were delivered to the Holland Senior Center.

Mr. Durgin passed out School Committee rules and regulations to all members.

Policies JLCDD, JKAA, and GDA-GDQD will need to have request for vote for adoption.

MOTION 07-18 by Heather Blakeley, second by Christine Croke to vote to accept on second reading and adopt policies JLCDD, JKAA .
Motion approved unanimously.

MOTION 07-19 by Christine Croke, second by Susan Kennedy to vote to accept on second reading and adopt policies GDA-GDQD.
Motion approved unanimously.

Job descriptions for Administrative Assistant to Assistant Superintendent; Bookkeeper; Principal’s Secretary; School Secretary and Cafeteria Worker were presented.

MOTION 07-20 by Christine Croke, second by Heather Blakeley to accept job descriptions as written.
Motion approved unanimously.

Mrs. Blakeley had a question regarding the billing of preschool tuition.

Mrs. Merriman inquired whether a new teacher could be hired with savings from the retirement of the Special Education teacher.

MOTION 07-21 by Steven Anderstrom, second by Heather Blakeley to recess to Public Hearing and return to regular meeting after Public Hearing.
Motion approved unanimously.

The Public Hearing was held.

MOTION 07-22 by Steven Anderstrom, second by Heather Blakeley to adjourn Public Hearing and go back into regular School Committee meeting.  
Motion approved unanimously

Mrs. Boyd recommended the following cuts to the 2007/08 budget:

Tantasqua rep - $100.00
Remediation line -      8,000.00
Special Ed teacher -   20,000.00
Technology hardware – 5,500.00
Reduce software - 2,500.00
Reduce Tuition
Collaborative - 20,000.00

Vote to reduce School Choice by $30,000

MOTION 07-23 by Steven Anderstrom, second by Christine Croke to bring forward for FY’08 budget amount of $2,259,358 to Town Meeting.
Motion approved unanimous.

MOTION 07-24 by Christine Croke, second by Heather Blakeley to adjourn the meeting at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Christine Croke

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