Governmental Information
Holland is included in the:

Second Congressional District
Seventh Councilor District
Worcester-Franklin-Hampden & Hampshire Senatorial District
First Hampden Representative District

Annual Town Events
Annual Town Caucus
Sixth Tuesday preceding the Annual Town Meeting at 8:00 PM
Annual Town Meeting
Last Tuesday in May
Annual Town Election
First Monday after the first Tuesday in June

United States Senators
Contact Information
2400 JFK Federal Building
15 New Sudbury Street
Boston, MA 02203
(617) 565-3170
2300 JFK Federal Building
Boston, MA 02203
(413) 785-4610
Congressman 2nd Disctrict
Contact Information
1550 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01103
(413) 785-0325
State Senator
Contact Information
Stephen Brewer
Barre (D)
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
State House, Room 216
Boston, MA 02133-1053
(617) 722-1540
Representative to General Court
Contact Information
Commonwealth of Massachusetts
House of Representatives
State House, Room 156
Boston, MA 02133
(617) 722-2240