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Zoning Minutes 10/17/2006
Holland Zoning Board of Appeals
~~~~~~~~~~ Meeting Minutes

Date: October 17, 2006

Present: Sarto Caron, Chairperson
Ray Korny, Member
Ron Seaburg, Secretary

The meeting commenced at 7:10 PM. The minutes of October 3, 2006 were read and accepted with changes noted. Sarto discussed the Virtual Town Hall start-up. The program will go "live" on November 1, 2006. Sarto read the announcement he composed requesting a volunteer for the ZBA that will be aired on Channel 15.  Sarto read a memo from the Conservation Commission dated August 8, 2006 regarding the John Briere application for work to be done at lots 111 and 19 Sandy Beach Road (Lot 52). He pointed out that the HCC agreement is for the "installation of an on site septic system located on Lot 111 and does not apply to any site work that may be proposed at 19 Sandy Beach Road".

7:30 PM Special Permit Request Continuance
Thomas Kolek
115 Sandy Beach Road
Book 13933, Page 532

Mr. Kolek will raise the house six feet. The side 4' x 30' deck will become part of the house and will be enclosed. The present deck facing the lake will be lowered approximately two feet. Another deck will be built above the lower deck with access from the first and lower floor only. All new construction will take place within present footprint dimensions. Voting in favor of the project were Sarto Caron, Ray Korny, and Ron Seaburg

7:40 PM Special Permit Request Continuance
Yvette Lavigne
107 Sandy Beach Road
Book 10815, Page 537

An open deck will be installed on the full rear length of the house with the only access to the deck from inside of the house. The deck will extend 9'6'' from the house. The Board approved a 5' variance for the project. Ms. Lavigne will drop off a copy of her house tax bill to the Executive Secretary. Voting in favor of the project were Sarto Caron, Ray Korny, and Ron Seaburg.

8:00 PM Special Permit Request
John and Jennifer Briere
19 Sandy Beach Road
Book 14030, Page 256

Andre Cormier, builder, explained the project. The request is to demolish the existing house and rebuild a new home on the original footprint. The Conservation Commission is waiting for the house site plans. There is an agreement of conditions regarding the proposed septic system and water control issues. Mr. Cormier will check the proposed septic tank site location to see if it can be moved to allow 20' on both sides rather than request a 3' variance on the entrance side.  A site visitation was scheduled for October 19 at 11 AM. A continuance was scheduled for November 21 at 7:30 PM.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM

CC: Building Inspector
Executive Secretary
Town Clerk
ZBA files

Submitted by:

~~~~~~~~~~~ Ronald Seaburg, Secretary

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