Minutes 9-17-2012
Holland Zoning Board of Appeals
                                        Meeting Minutes

Date:           September 17, 2012

Present:        Fred Beaulieu, Chairperson
                Don Beal, Scribe
                Ron Seaburg, Secretary

Absent:         Ralph Martone, Associate
                Sarto Caron, Associate

7:00 PM Special Meeting Continuance
                Joanne Roberts and Jillian Battista
                30 Hamilton Drive
                R41-B-71        Book 18974      Page 144

                Jillian Battisa was present.
                The Board explained why sections of the deck have to be removed. The Board also                         showed Ms. Battista the areas of the deck that have to be removed.  
                A copy of the setback allowances for 30 Hamilton Drive was given to Ms. Battista.  A
                copy signed by the Board was also placed in the petitioners file.

                Voting in favor of the decision were: Fred Beaulieu, Don Beal, and Ron Seaburg.
                Absent: Ralph Martone, and Sarto Caron.

7:25            The meeting was adjourned.

CC:             Building Inspector, Town Clerk, Executive Secretary, HCC, and ZBA file.

                Submitted by:

                Ronald Seaburg, Secretary