Minutes 4-9-2013
Holland Zoning Board of Appeals
                                        Meeting Minutes

Date:           April 9, 2013

Present:        Fred Beaulieu, Chairperson
                Don Beal, Scribe
                Ron Seaburg, Secretary
                Sarto Caron, Associate
Absent:         Ralph Martone

7:00 PM The minutes for March 26 were read and accepted.

7:30 PM Special Permit Continuance
                Joe Niemeroski,
                25 Old Colony Road

                Builder Mark Lamontagne represented Mr. Niemeroski.

                Fred explained some of the problems the Board has with the petition.

                (1) You cannot tear down a house and build a new house in a different location on a                     non-conforming lot. In this case there is less than two acres and less than                             two-hundred feet of frontage.

                (2) The site plans do not match the deed of the property as found on the Registration of                        Deeds website.

                The Board made the following motion to the builder: The applicant may continue the                      petition without prejudice giving the owner and builder time to review the application                  and allowing the developer time to submit new plans within a four month period.

                Voting in favor of the motion were: Fred Beaulieu, Don Beal, Ron Seaburg, and Sarto                     Caron.

8:15 PM The meeting was adjourned.

                Submitted by,

                Ronald Seaburg, Secretary

CC:             Building Inspector, Town Clerk, Executive Secretary, HCC, and ZBA file.