Minutes 6-11-13
Holland Zoning Board of Appeals
                                        Meeting Minutes

Date:           June 11, 2013

Present:        Fred Beaulieu, Chairperson
                Don Beal, Scribe
                Ron Seaburg, Secretary
                Sarto Caron, Associate
                Ralph Martone, Associate

7:00 PM Fred discussed the Mason petition. Mr. Mason stated he may not be able to get a                         certified survey. He will call Fred to schedule a continuance hearing.

7:30 PM Special Permit Request Continuance
                Joseph Paquette
                94 Stafford Road     R18-4-06     Book 16624     Page 424

                Ronald and Jean Paquette represented Joseph Paquette.
                Applicant has plenty of room to move the house into the area where excavation for the
                cellar has been planned. However, due to the presence of above ground rock                              outcroppings and the potential for underground rock formations, the Board                               has given the applicant permission to vary the exact position of the cellar                             location as long as all standard setback conditions for the house are met.
                Voting in favor of the proposal: Fred Beaulieu, Don Beal, Ron Seaburg, Ralph Martone,                   Sarto Caron.

8:10 PM Informal Request for Information

                Dave Horowitz asked the Board about a project he is considering. He would like to                       convert a screened-in porch to 2-rooms for year-round use, and one-room for seasonal
                use. The Board answered his questions regarding By-Law requirements.

8:30 PM Special Permit Continuance
                Joe Niemirowski   
                25 Old Colony Road    R30-B-01     Book            Page

                Mark Lamontagne, Builder, and Gary Naples, abutter, were present.

                Mr. Niemirowski proposed to use as much of the old house as possible in the new house                   plans. He asked the Board to determine upon inspection, the amount of salvageable                       material that should be used.

                A site review of the house was scheduled for May 14, at 6:15 PM.

8:45 PM The Meeting was adjourned.

CC:             Building Inspector, Town Clerk, Executive Secretary, HCC, and ZBA file.

                Submitted by:

                Ronald Seaburg, Secretary