ZBA Minutes 8-13-13
Holland Zoning Board of Appeals
                                        Meeting Minutes

Date:           August 13, 2013

Present:        Fred Beaulieu, Chairperson
                Don Beal, Scribe
                Ron Seaburg, Secretary
                Sarto Caron, Associate

7:00 PM Fred made a motion to close the hearing on Jonathan Mason of 25 Stony Hill Road,                        R35-B-13. Sarto moved to approve the project as shown on plot plans                                     reference numbers 04-01-2013-003-00 and 03-07-2013-001-00. The addition will have a                     rear set-back of 25’ 6”. All other set-backs are acceptable as found on the drawings. The                        Board voted to approve the project pending receipt of a current paid tax bill and book
                and page information. Voting in favor of the project were: Fred Beaulieu, Don Beal, Ron                         Seaburg, and Sarto Caron.  It was noted that Fred had tried to contact Mr. Mason and
                was not successful in trying to talk with him regarding his hearing.

7:30 PM Special Permit Request
                David Horowitz and Kathy Czyrnik
                51 Lakeridge Drive
                R04-A-4     Book 10021   Page 82   and   R04-A-5     Book 12373     Page 464
                The petitioners want to convert the screened porch into two three-season rooms, and one                 one-season room. The petitioners also want to reconstruct the roof.

                The two lots involved have been combined. The book and page numbers are now: Book                       19903  and Page 564.

                A site visit has been scheduled for Friday, August 16 at 1 PM.
                A continuance has been scheduled for August 27 at 7:30 PM.

7:50 PM Informal Unscheduled Information Meeting

                Stephen Bressette, Jalbert Engineering, asked the Board some questions
                about a project his firm is working on at 53 Mashapaug Road.

8:00 PM Informal Unscheduled Information Meeting
                Joseph and Marlene Gay

                The Gays asked the Board questions about a project they are considering.

8:20 PM The meeting was adjourned.

CC:             Building Inspector, Town Clerk, Executive Secretary, HCC, and ZBA file.

                Submitted by:

                Ron Seaburg, Secretary