Minutes 8-27-13
Holland Zoning Board of Appeals
Meeting Minutes

Date:           August 27, 2013
Present:        Fred Beaulieu, Chairperson
                        Don Beal, Scribe
                        Sarto Caron, Associate

Absent:         Ronald Seaburg   

7:00 PM The minutes of the August 13, 2013 were read and accepted as read with two  corrections.   

7:30 PM Special Permit Request
        David Horowitz and Kathy Czyrnik
        51 Lakeridge Drive
        R04-A-4,5.  The two parcels were joined together prior to their first visit to the ZBA as per Deed Book 19903, Page 564.

        David Horowitz appeared before the Board.  The Board unanimously approved the project and signed the plans.  Sarto Caron, Fred Beaulieu and Donald Beal voted to approve.  No abutters were present.

8:00 PM         Special Permit Request
        Christopher and Mary Williams
        3 Vinton Road
        Book 14043, Page 398

        The Williams’ want to add a second story above the garage and part of the existing house.  They submitted a plot plan but no distances to the property lines were shown on it.  They also wish to add a bump-out on the existing deck to be built around the front door.  No abutters were present.

        A site review was set for September 4, 2013 at 6:15 PM with a continuance at 7:30 PM on September 10. 2013.  

8:30 PM The meeting was adjourned.

CC:     Building Inspector, Town Clerk, Executive Secretary, HCC and ZBA file.

        Submitted by:

        Donald Beal, Acting Secretary