Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes 01/28/2014
                        Holland Zoning Board of Appeals
                                        Meeting Minutes

Date:           January 28, 2014

Present:        Fred Beaulieu, Chairperson
                Don Beal, Scribe
                Ron Seaburg, Secretary
                Tom Kenney, Associate

Absent:         Sarto Caron, Associate

7:00 PM The Board discussed general business.
                The Board approved the drawing submitted by Cari Robertson, as requested by Fred,               showing the proposed location of her house. The Board approved 60 ‘ as          measured from the pin on the left side of the lot at the road to the house left corner as               viewed from the road.

7:30 PM Special Permit Request Continuance
                Ed Kaplan
                43 Shore Drive     R02-A-20     Book 8139     Page 581

                Andrew LaRoche, builder, represented the applicant and presented revised house plans            as requested by the Board. The Board approved the revised plans dated 1-24-14,          Revision 4.0.0.
                Voting in favor of the project were: Fred Beaulieu, Don Beal, Ron Seaburg,
                and Tom Kenney.

8:00 PM Special Permit Request Continuance
                Joseph DiGeronomo
                53 Mashapaug Road     12-C-2     Book 18905     Page 195

                Pat Ferro, builder, represented the applicant. The Board approved the request to
                move the house 10’ to the northerly side of the lot (34’ from the property line) as shown in            the revised plans dated 12-16-13, Revision 4. Voting in favor of the proposal were: Fred                Beaulieu, Don Beal, Ron Seaburg, and Tom Kenney.

8:15 PM The meeting was adjourned.

CC:             Building Inspector, Town Clerk, Executive Secretary, HCC, and ZBA file.

                Submitted by:

                Ronald Seaburg, Secretary