Vacant Positions

Elected Postions - Voted at Annual Town Election

None open as of 7/1/2020


Vacant Positions on Boards (appointed)

Zoning Board of Appeals - 1 member

OPEB - 2 members

Capital Planning Committee - 1 member not affiliated with any other boards or committees


Senior Work-Off Program

1 Clerical - Communittee Center/Senior Center

2 Kitchen assistants - Communitee Center/Senior Center

2 Maintenance - Communitee Center/Senior Center

1 Maintenance - Elementary School

1 Crossing Guard/Traffic coordinator - Elementary School

1 Clerical - Town Hall

  • Must be 60
  • Must own and occupy a full time residence in Holland the year prior to participation
  • Must be able to perform the requirements of the job description applied for
  • Must meet income requirements
  • More information is available at the Senior/Community Center and at the Town Hall


Please contact the board/committee/commission or the Town Administrator if you are interested in volunteering.

  • Town Administrator via email at
  • or mail to: Holland Town Hall, Town Administrator, 27 Sturbridge Road, Holland, MA 01521