Tax Classification Hearing

Meeting date: 
Sunday, November 7, 2106


Tuesday November 7, 2016 – 6:45 pm

Holland Town Hall

27 Sturbridge Road

Holland, MA



Bettina Schmidt, Acting Chair

Lawrence Mandell, Member

Kelli A. Robbins, Esq., Executive Secretary

Absent: Elias Gillen, Chair


Call to Order:


Ms. Schmidt called the meeting to order at 6:45 pm.

Meetings with the Board:

Tax Classification Hearing

Principle Assessors’ Clerk, JoAnne Higgins

Ms. Higgins related the choices that the Select Board needed to make in order to complete the final steps for achieving tax rate approval.  Ms. Higgins related the Board of Assessors’ recommendation for a single rate, no residential, personal property or business exemptions.

Motion110716-1, Mr. Mandell, to accept the Board of Assessor’s recommendations as related by Ms. JoAnne Higgins, Principal Assessor. 2nd, Ms. Schmidt.  All in favor.

Motion 110716-2, Mr. Mandell to adjourn. 2nd Ms. Schmidt.  So voted

Meeting adjourned 7 pm.