Letter of Commendation- Beautify Holland

2017 Town Wide Clean up Day

Please review attachment for official letter:

I would like to take this opportunity to commend the citizens who participated in our first Town Wide Beautify Holland Clean Up event which was held on Saturday, April 22nd, 2017. The turnout was remarkable and those citizens who contributed worked extremely hard for well more than an hour to clean up their assigned location. I would also like to commend those individuals on the operations side of the event, specifically the assigned members of the Police, Fire and Highway Departments, as well as Community Center Director Paula Bak and Holland resident Anne Hall-Brady.

We prepared for and treated this event in the same manner in which we would prepare for a critical incident. Prior to the official commencement of the event we strategically coordinated with the different levels of town government in order to devise a plan which promotes both efficiency and safety. Adhering to the system that we implemented allowed us to integrate our facilities, equipment, personnel, and communication protocols, while allowing us to operate within a common organizational structure. By doing this we were able to organize our plans as well as manage our resources with one common purpose, and this multi-discipline coordination allowed us to prepare as one entity in the most effective manner possible to complete the task at hand.

A plan only works well when the personnel who execute the plan adhere to the regulations set forth. Because of the cooperation by the volunteers who participated and the attention to detail by the individuals on the operations side, we were able to ensure that safety protocols were followed while carrying out a seamless, successful and productive mission.