Temporary Road Closures / Parking Restrictions

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Please be advised that the following roads will be closed as noted on Saturday, May 20th, 2017, beginning at approximately 7AM and lasting until approximately 12PM. These road closures will be in effect in order to accommodate the Holland Elementary School 5K Road Race. Please expect delays and significant pedestrian traffic between the hours of 7AM – 12PM.

  • Sturbridge Rd from East Brimfield Rd [at the Town Hall] to Craig Rd will be closed for the entire event.
  • Sturbridge Rd @ the 4 corners until the conclusion of the race. (Traffic to access handicapped parking & handicapped drop off will be permitted).
  • Sand Hill Rd @ East Brimfield Rd & Mashapaug Rd until the conclusion of the race. (Traffic to access Old Acres Rd will be permitted @ the Mashapaug Rd / Sand Hill Rd intersection).

The following roads will be closed shortly before the start of the race until all participants have passed the location:

  • Sturbridge Rd @ Blodgett Dr, Craig Rd, Dug Hill Rd & Leno Rd.
  • Sturbridge Rd @ Alexander Rd (to inbound traffic).
  • East Brimfield Rd @ Dug Hill Rd.
  • Alexander Rd @ East Brimfield Rd.

Please be advised that parking will not be permitted along the race route. Designated parking locations will be released at a later time. The restrictions contained herein are authorized pursuant to Town of Holland General By Law c. IX, § V.