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Message from the Chief

The Holland Police Department is dedicated to providing quality services to residents and the community while we strive to continue to improve services as well as the level of protection offered. An important responsibility of our Police Department is to provide the community with information pertaining to public safety and crime prevention while seeking information from them to assist us with criminal investigations. Information sharing between Law Enforcement personnel and the community is vital to safety, crime prevention and to solving crimes.

As you will see in the attached organizational chart below, our department is structured into a series of organizational components that represent functional groupings of employees performing like activities. Not only does this provide our management with a means for assigning responsibility for the performance of a group of functions to a single supervisor, it  also allows provides our employees with a clear and concise accountability structure.

We model our practice on the community policing philosophy and continuously seek to integrate personnel into the community in order to reduce crime and foster positive relations. To effectively control and prevent crime, we strive for cooperation and seek recommendations from all of our citizens. The perceptions and opinions of the people that we serve is important to our overall operation so as a community we can all work together to improve.

If you wish to contact me please feel free to do so at any time.

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Voicemail: 413-245-0117 ext: 330

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