Lake Patrol Unit

Operations Division

The Town of Holland is home to the Hamilton Reservoir which the Police Department patrols on a regular basis during the summer. Members of our Lake Patrol Unit are specially trained in Massachusetts boating laws and regulations, along with water safety and rescue.

The goal of the unit is to provide the safest environment possible for Holland residents and their guests while enforcing the rules and regulations set forth by the town and statute. The unit is also part of our on going community policing plan by making our Officers more visible and allowing the public greater access to them. The Town of Holland owns a 2016 Crestliner [Marine 1], which is specially outfitted for the purpose of police patrol as well as rescue operations. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Lake Patrol Unit Supervisor, Officer Edwin F. Ward

For further information about the Hamilton Reservoir please visit the HRA website:
Hamilton Reservoir Association

Information about Massachusetts boating laws: 
Massachusetts Environmental Police Boating Guide