Sex Offender Registry


You may request whether: a specific individual identified by name, date of birth or sufficient personal identifying characteristics is a sex offender; or whether any sex offenders live or work within the same city or town of a specific address. You may specify the address of a home, school, daycare facility, playground, etc.; or whether any sex offenders live or work on a specific street.

In response to your request, you will receive a report which indicates the name of the offender, the home address, the work address, the offense(s) and date(s) for which the offender was convicted/adjudicated, the offender's age-sex-race-height-weight-eye and hair color, and a photograph if available.

Please be advised that the law only permits the public to receive information on a sex offenders required to register and finally classified by the Sex Offender Registry Board as a level 2 (moderate risk) or level 3 (high risk) offender. Therefore, information is not available to the public if the sex offender is a level 1 (low risk) offender or if he/she has not yet been finally classified by the board. For more information about the Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) you can click on the link below.

Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB)

All inquiries shall be recorded and kept confidential; provided that the records may be disseminated to assist or defend any criminal prosecution.

If you wish to obtain information about sex offender(s) who are registered with the Holland Police Department you may obtain the appropriate paperwork by clicking the link below.

Request for sex offender information