Tree Removal Application and Policy

Reminder from Conservation Committee


The State of Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (Sec. 131, Sec. 40), and the by-laws of the Town of Holland (Chapter 15, Sec. 15.6.4) stipulate that prior to removing a tree or hiring a service to do so, within the buffer zone (trees within 100 feet of a lake or pond, or within 200 feet of a river, brook, perennial or intermittent stream) must complete the form Tree Removal Application Here requesting that the Holland Conservation Commission visit the property to discuss the matter with the homeowner or tree service.   There is no fee and no requirement to notify abutters.  Failure to follow this procedure could result in a penalty being assessed to the property owner.  Additional information can be found on this site under Government/Boards and Commissions/Conservation Commission. 

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.