General Bylaws

General Bylaws of Holland, Massachusetts

(As Amended Through June 30, 2005)

The accuracy of this text may be verified by consulting records of various Town Meetings, Held between June 1,1955 and the present, and notifications of approval from the office of the Town Clerk

Sharon Ashleigh, Town Clerk
June, 2005

Section 1. Title
Section 2. Power to License
Section 3. Manner of Repeal and Amendment
Section 4. Penalty
Section 1. Board of Selectmen
Section 2. Town Clerk and Treasurer
Section 3. Finance Board
Section 4. Constables
Section 5. Highway Surveyor
Section 6. Tree Warden
Section 7. Building Inspector
Section 8. Sealer of Weights and Measures
Section 9. Recreation Committee
Section 10. Board of Health
Section 11. Planning Board
Section 12. Council on Aging
Section 13. Bylaw Committee
Section 14. Park Commission
Section 15. Capital Planning Committee
Section 1. Dates of Meetings
Section 2. Notice of Meetings
Section 3. Conduct of Meetings
Section 4. Nominations
Section 1. Audit of Accounts
Section 2. Submission of Bills
Section 3. Town Collector
Section 4. Custody of Certain Documents
Section5. Disposition of Departmental Receipts
Section 6. Municipal Liens
Section 7. Licenses and Permits of Deliquent Taxpayers
Section 1. Participation of Town Officers
Section 2. Compensation to Town Officers and Employees
Section 3. Contracts in Writing
Section 1. Power of Selectmen
Section 2. Compromise and Settlement of Certain Claims
Section 3. Appointment of Town Counsel
Section 4. Duties of Town Counsel
Section 1. Custody of Records
Section 2. Annual Town Report
Section 3. Publication of Miscellaneous Material
Section 1. Building Permits
Section 2. Notification to Assessors
Section 3. Digging of Welld
Section 4. Conversion of Residences
Section 5. Junk
Section 1. Restriction of Vehicles on Town Property
Section 2. Parking Regulations
Section 3. Vehicles with Living Accomodations
Sectoin 4. Junked or Abondoned Vehicles
Section 5. Operation on Ice
Section 1. Acceptance of Ways as Public Ways
Section 2. Driveways and Access Roads
Section 3. Maintenance of Private Ways
Section 4. Plowing of Private ways
Section 1. Definitions
Section 2. Use of Waterfront Area
Section 3. Location of Docks
Section 4. Construction of Waterfront Areas
Section 5. Enforcement
Section 1. Required Equipment
Section 2. Registration
Section 3. Safety Rules
Section 4. Speed Regulations
Section 5. General
Section 6. Enforcement
Section 1. Declaration of Policy
Section 2. Enforcement
Section 3. Procedure following Impoundment
Section 1. Declaration of Policy
Section 2. Jurisdiction
Section 3. Conditional Exceptions
Section 4. Application
Section 5. Appilcations Requirements
Section 6. General Provisions
Section 7. Violations & Enforcement