Missing your tax bill?

Many tax bills are returned to Town Hall. If your mail box is missing the mailman will take the mail back to the Fiskdale Post Office. They will hold the mail for 30 days and if the box is not replaced in 30 days, the Post Office will return mail to the sender maker "NMR", No Mail Recepticle. If the forwarding has expired mail will also be returned to the sender. The correction for Real Estate and Personal Property bills can only be made in the Assessor's Office.

Please note: Motor Vehicle Excise bills are sent to the address of record according to the Registry of Motor Vehicle's records. If you do not get a bill for Motor Vehicle Excise because the address is incorrect at the Registry, you will need to contact the Registry to have this corrected. Upon moving you have 30 days to correct your motor vehicle address with the registry. This correction cannot be made in the Assessor's Office or the Tax Collector's Office.  

If you have not received your bill, please call the Tax Collector's Office at 413-245-7108 X110, or the Assessor's office 245-7108 X 106. The Tax Collector makes an effort to track down tax payers as time permits.