Why was I charged interest and fees on my Real Estate and/or Personal Property tax?

Interest will be charged at 14% per annum from the due date on any Real Estate or Personal Property tax not received in the Collector’s Office by the due date. Per Massachusetts law, postmarks are not acceptable (the legal verbiage is clearly written in the center of your tax bill as required by law).  After the fourth quarter due date (May 1st), any outstanding balance will be demanded. A demand fee of $20.00 [MGL Ch 60:15] will be added. Continued failure to pay in full will result in the securing of a tax lien on the property known as a tax taking. The final resolution would be foreclosure. Failure to receive your tax bill will not stay the collection. If taxes are not paid current  in Holland you can be denied a permit from the various Boards within the Town until such time as your taxes are brought current. You must make sure the Assessor’s have your correct mailing information. Check here link to assessment data.