Board of Health

The Board of Health may be contacted via e-mail in case of an emergency or to make an appointment.

Art Quinn should be called to schedule perc tests and septic system inspections.

Stickers for the Wood Recycling Center on Dug Hill Road should be purchased at the Wood Recycling Center.

Effective October 14, 2009--Board of Health Policy on Building Permits:

In order to be considered a complete application for a Building Permit application, the applicant shall be required to provide a true attested copy of the assessors' record for the subject parcel. Any and all deed restrictions encumbering the subject parcel shall be recorded with the appropriate Registry of Deeds and a copy of said recording to be provided to the Board of Health and Assessors prior to the grant of any permit.

Contact the Board of Health

Wales Transfer Station COVID-19 Notice

Notice per order of the Board of Selectmen

Face coverings are now required to enter the transfer station facility to dispose of household trash and recyclables

Please do not exit your vehicle without a face covering - Absolutely no admittance to the office allowed without a face covering

This policy is effective Wednesday, May 6, 2020 and will remain in effect until the Governor’s order with regard to face coverings in public is rescinded

Board Members

Name Title
David Kowalski Chairman
Arthur Quinn Health Agent
Kyle Merolla Member
Charles Furst Member