Residents Seeking Information

Dear Residents of Holland,

In order to be better informed about what we, as town officials, departments, committees etc. are doing on your behalf,  I would like to invite you to contact me at the Select Board office via email at,, with topics and information in which you are interested pertaining to official town activites, projects, processes and the like.**

Once I am aware of the information you seek, I will do everything I can to gather the information or in the alternative ask the board, department, committee, commission, etc., to provide or gather the information for posting.  The information will be made available under the "What's Happening" button on the homepage of the website.  The amount of information sought will vary and as such so will the time it takes to get the information posted. 

Any town employee that would like to contribute by providing the residents with factual information regarding projects or issues being addressed or worked on by your department is invited to provide written information to be posted.  This information must be factual. No opinions, unless official board opionions from meetings, will be included.  The reasoning is to inform you the residents, of facts pertaining to projects and to provide other beneficial information.  

With this offer, also comes a caveat.  The Select Board has no control or authority over any elected office or official.  If said officials do not provide the information sought, then the information will not be available via this forum.  

Clear concise information provided to the residents of Holland is a vital part of our responsibility as public servants for the Town.


Kelli A. Robbins, Esq.

** This is for town projects, board activities or work information. No personal information or questions pertaining to any individual person who is employed, appointed or elected by the town will be provided.