Emergency Management

EM OfficePursuant to the provision of G.L c. 639 § 13, of the (Acts 1950), each political subdivision of the Commonwealth is directed to establish a local organization to perform civil defense functions in accordance with the State Civil Defense Plan and Program.

The Town of Holland organization for civil defense shall be designated as the Emergency Management Department. The Department shall be staffed with a Director and may also be staffed with additional personnel as needed.

The Department shall perform emergency management functions within the territorial limits of the Town of Holland, and, in addition, shall conduct such functions outside of the territorial limits, as may be required, pursuant to the provisions of § 7 of c. 639.

During periods of non emergencies, the Emergency Management Department shall build readiness for coordinated operations in both peacetime and attack-caused emergencies. The Department shall serve under joint action arrangements and work with the other operating departments of the town in order to coordinate emergency preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.



Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Chief Bryan C. Haughey 413-245-0117 ext: 330