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We have Senior Programming, Evening Programming and Events for Families.

Physical Address: 40 Brimfield Rd, Holland, MA, 01521

Mailing Address: 27 Sturbridge Rd, Holland, MA 01521

Phone: (413) 245-3163

Monday: 10 - 7

Tuesday: 10 - 3

Wednesday: 10 - 7

Thursday: 10 - 7

Most events are walk in.  Lunches and special events require an RSVP

Online at: Http://


Brenda Palmer, Director and Outreach - [email protected]

Holly Sommers, Activities Coordinator - [email protected]

Sanna Hart, Evening Scheduling - [email protected]

TEXT US AT 855-865-8366

Call us at 413-245-3163

On Facebook at Holland Community Center, Holland, MA, as well as Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

You can sign up for activities at Call the Center if you need a card number activated.

We also RENT the Center for family events, conferences and more.  Details below.

As a Community Center we work with people of all ages and feel it is our privilege and obligation to work with all the local departments, boards, and surrounding towns as well.   Our site was originally built as a Senior Center, so we value our Seniors and want to help them to thrive in every aspect of their lives.

In 2019, with a large push from the Community Center, the town became Age Friendly, as well as Dementia Friendly, and has had collaborative meetings with surrounding towns to continue that mission.  This means that moving forward anything we do, whether it is housing, open spaces, transportation, etc., all need to be seen through the lens of Age (all ages), and Dementia needs.  If we concentrate on those two areas, we make life and events more inclusive for everyone.  We have continued the “friendly” mission and are working to recognize and assist the large number of veterans we have in Holland (Holland has 31.3% population of veterans over the age of 65, state wide it is only at 18.1%).

Our in-house meal program  - Food is made fresh here every Monday and Wednesday.  The cost is only $3 for Holland Seniors ($5 for everyone else).  We also offer meal pick up and deliveries.  We ask that you call, text or email us by Friday for our Monday meal, and by Monday, for our Wednesday meal to reserve your lunch spot. 

We work closely with the Friends of the Holland Community Center, collaborating on our annual Zucchini Festival. The Friends help raise money for events.  They also collect bottles and cans, as well as having a monthly raffle to help support our events.

During the Pandemic we found a need for volunteers, to help home bound Seniors.  The Holland Helpers group was formed.  It consists of volunteers of all ages who can drive, make social visits, bring seniors to appointments and deliver meals.  We have approximately 25 members at this time and we are always looking for more.  There is nothing better than the connections made between a Senior and a volunteer.  We are so grateful for them.   We have found that you can be a volunteer in one aspect and still need help in another aspect, so there is no age limit on how someone can volunteer.  We value a person's knowledge, as well as their physical help.

Hall Rental – When you plan your next party, think about our main function hall.  We have a clean, spacious room (almost 2000 sq. ft) that can accommodate up to 125 people for birthdays, showers, reunions, meetings, and other events.  Our tables are 60 inches round and can seat up to 8 people per table.  The cost for the main hall for $150.  No alcohol allowed.

Kitchen Rental – For small businesses and public use, if you are ServSafe Certified, we also have a large kitchen with a convection oven, a 6-burner stove top, a regular oven, and a large grill, plus plenty of counter space for all of your business or party needs.  The cost for the kitchen is $150.

Checking in - The MySeniorCenter computerized sign in system is easy for anyone to use.  It helps us to compile data for formula grants and encourages Seniors to use technology in a large print, easy format. 

We have weekly and monthly programs.  Additional activities have included Kayaking, Air Fryer Presentation, Garden Club, Movies, Lunches, Pitch, Cribbage, Texas Hold Em, Blood Drives, Health Presentations, Culinary Classes, Crafts, Theater Trips, Art Presentations, Massages, Volunteer Appreciation Lunch, Special Events for Kids, and Exercise Programs.

Look for more information on our annual events like the Zucchini Festival & Antique Car Show, Tea Party, Cookie Swap & Toys for Tots, Health Fair, Harvest Dance and the Police Cookout.

If there is any topic or activity you are interested in, call the Center and we can try to help make it happen.  Our goal is to make everyone feel welcome here.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Brenda Palmer Community Center Director
Monica Talbot Kitchen Manager
Holly Sommers Activities Coordinator
Sanna Hart General Helper