Conservation Commission

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Are you planning a project?

       If you are planning a project within 100 feet of a lake or within 200 feet of perennial stream or river, you must consult with Conservation by attending a meeting.  The Holland Conservation Commission's role is to enforce the Wetlands Protection Act and the Holland By-Laws which cover:
  • protection of the Holland watershed
  • protection of public & private water supply
  • protection of ground water supply
  • flood control
  • storm damage prevention
  • pollution prevention
  • protection of wildlife habitat
  • protection of any bank, riverfront area, fresh water wetland & perennial streams

Conservation Commission's Purpose:

       The Conservation Commission administers the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (MG.L. Chapter 131, Section 40), and the Holland By-Laws. The purpose of these regulations, policies and bylaws is to protect the wetlands, related water resources and their buffer zones in Holland. This is done by monitoring and reviewing wetland activities.   The Conservation Commission has jurisdiction to review and control activities and projects that will likely have a significant or cumulative impact on our watershed.

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Contact the Conservation Commission

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ginger Buteau Clerk (413) 245-7108 ext. 111

Commission Members

Name Title
Andrew Harhay Chair
Marcia Beal Vice Chair
Kathy McKenna Secretary
Jessica Chaffee Member
Samual Spratlin Member
Kaitlin Desmarais Member