Tax Collector

Tax Bill Payments

Mission Statement

All tax bills are warranted to the Tax Collector for collection by the Holland Board of Assessors. The tax collection process is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is the responsibility of the Tax Collector to make sure every Real Estate, Personal Property and Motor Vehicle Excise tax bill warranted for collection is collected in accordance with the the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  

Bills not collected on time must be charged interest and late fees according to Mass Law. Bills not paid eventually will have a lien recorded against the parcel in accordance with the rules set forth by the State of Massachusetts.  

Motor Vehicle excise taxes not paid will be marked for "non-renewal" at the Registry of Motor Vehicle. The Tax Collector cannot adjust your tax bill in any way. Please contact the Assessor's if you have any problem with your bill.

All assessment data for Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills originates from the Holland Board of Assessors.  

All assessment data for Motor Vehicle excise tax bills originates from the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Address changes for excise tax bills are made with the Registry of Motor Vehicle.

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