Finance/Accounting Office


The Treasurer is custodian of all Town funds, reconciles bank accounts, and manages the Town’s payroll and employee’s benefits. Checks are mailed from this office after being processed by the Accountant and signed by the Selectmen. The Treasurer borrows funds in anticipation of revenue or for capital projects authorized by Town Meeting.  

The Treasurer is responsible for Tax Title accounts, foreclosing on properties that have unpaid taxes. When the Town takes possession of these properties, they may be placed in the custody of a Town department for “open space,” or other uses.  They may be available for public auction when Town Meeting votes to sell these parcels.


The Town Accountant provides audit functions for Town departments. The Accountant protects the fiduciary interests of the Town by ensuring that the financial records are accurate; monitoring the expenditure of Town funds; making financial projections intended to guide local officials through the fiscal process.

Contact Finance Department

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Linda Blodgett Treasurer 413-245-7108 x104
Laurie Bartkus Accountant 413-245-7108 ext. 103