Animal Control

Town of Holland Animal Control Officers are appointed officers authorized to enforce M.G.L c. 140 s. 136A to 174E. The Animal Control Officers are not Police Officers; however, they do maintain the authority to file criminal charges through the court system against violators of the law as it pertains to animals as well as maintain the authority to enforce local by laws.

If you wish to file a complaint in regards to an animal or wish to speak with an ACO you may call the ACO voicemail at 413-245-0117 ext. 350. The voicemail extension is housed off the Police Department non-emergency phone line and is set up to contact the ACO advising them that there is a message. Please ensure that your message is left on the ACO voicemail and not the general Police Department voicemail in order to expedite response. You may also contact our ACO via email below.

Contact Animal Control

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