Planning Board

***Planning Board Warrant Articles for Special Town Meeting Tuesday November 17,2020***

Mission Statement:  

To assist in the creation and maintenance of a  functional and attractive community through attention to municipal planning and project review.

The responsibilities of the Planning Board are established by Mass. General law and include:

  • Adopting a master Plan and Official map of the town;
  • Adopting subdivision rules and participating in definitive plan reviews;
  • Drafting and submitting zoning amendments to town voters for consideration;
  • Holding public hearings and reporting on such  zoning amendments;
  • Serving as a special permit granting authority;
  • Recommending roads for municipal consideration;
  • Serving as Site Plan review authority.

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Board Members

Name Title
Peter Frei Member
Dori-Ann Ference Member
James Whalen Member
Kyle Merolla Member
Charles Furst Member
Janice Brigham Associate Member