Rules and Regulations


The name shall be “The Holland Council On Aging.”  This Council was established February 9, 1976.


The purpose of the Council shall be to carry out programs designed to meet the needs of those residents sixty years and older in the Town of Holland. These programs should be in coordination with the programs of the Massachusetts Department of Elder Affairs and the Federal Administration on Aging and all other agencies dealing with programs for the elderly. The council shall perform all necessary acts to avail itself of Federal, State, and Town funding for programs relative to the overall purpose of the Council.


1. The Council will consist of seven (7) members, who shall be appointed by the        selectmen for a 2-year term.  A majority shall be sixty years old or older.

2. All members shall be given a copy of the Rules and Regulations and the open      meeting law.

3. Prospective Council members shall be nominated by a majority of the existing members of the Council, and no person so nominated for Council membership is to serve on the Council until appointed by the appointing authority, and sworn in by the municipal clerk.  Prospective nominees shall attend at least one board meeting prior to being recommended as a COA board member.


There shall be a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, secretary, and a treasurer. The Council shall elect officers for a one-year term, in the month of June, to take office on July 1.


(General - see job description for details)

The Chairperson will:

1. Be the official representative of the COA.

2. Preside at all meetings

The Vice-Chairperson will:

1. Preside at all meetings in the absence of the chairperson.

2. Be prepared to assume duties of Chairperson if needed.

The Secretary will:

1. Record minutes of all meetings of the COA.

2. Maintains files of minutes, policy matters and attendance.  

3. Copies of approved minutes will be distributed to the members of the COA,   Town Clerk and Selectmen.

The Treasurer will

1. Keep financial records.

2. Report income and expenditures to the COA monthly.

The Executive Committee (all above officers) will prepare all budgets and grant applications.


1. Monthly meetings shall be held on the second Wednesday of each month at 10:15 in the Senior Center.

2. Special meetings can be called by the chair or a majority of the members. Notice shall be given to all members and a posting with the Town Clerk 48 hours before the start of said meeting.

3. A quorum shall be four members.

4. Meetings may be canceled by the chair for circumstances beyond our control

5. In the absence of both the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson, and providing a quorum is present, the members shall elect a chairperson pro-tem.

6. The Town Clerk shall be notified by the chairperson forty eight hours in advance of any change in the date and/or time of the meeting.

7. At the discretion of the chair, Robert’s Rules of Order may govern the conduct of the meetings of the Council.


Special committees shall be appointed as needed and members of the committees shall be appointed by the Chairperson with the approval of the Council.


Members of the Council shall attend and participate in the regular and Special  Council meetings whenever possible.                                                                     


1. The Council, with the approval of the Board of Selectmen, shall have the right to receive and disburse funds in the form of gifts, donations, bequests, and endowments. Fundraising is not permitted unless a nonprofit corporation is formed called Friends of the Council on Aging.  See MGL 44, section 53 E 1 & 2.

2. The Council shall have control and responsibility for all money received from Federal, State, and Local Agencies for projects and services for the elderly.

3. All Council functions and governing powers shall be in compliance with the rules and regulations established by the Massachusetts Department of Elder Affairs.


The Rules and Regulations may be amended by a vote of the Council at a regular meeting, provided that written notice including the text of the amendment is submitted to the Council members no less that two (2) weeks in advance of the meeting.


Upon dissolution of the Council for any reason, the assets of the Council, including, but not limited to cash, securities and real property, shall become Town of Holland property.


1. The annual meeting of the Council shall be held the Second Wednesday in June for the purpose of electing officers.

2. Notice of the annual meeting shall be as provided for in the “open meeting law.”  (The Council shall inform the general public through appropriate media at least two weeks in advance of said meeting.)