Stop Abuse Today, Inc.


As a part of our ongoing community policing philosophy, the Holland Police Department strives to offer as many services as possible to our citizens.

In 2001, we joined forces with the Tri-Town Domestic Violence Task Force which was created after Wales resident, Sheryl Crane, was murdered by her ex-husband. Over the years, the Task Force has worked arduously to support domestic violence victims by providing counsel and education, and by raising awareness in our communities on how to break the chain of violence.

In 2017, The Task Force, which proudly served the citizens of Brimfield, Holland and Wales for more than 15 years, was designated as the charter member of Stop Abuse Today, Inc. Although domestic violence is still a major area of focus for the group, the members recognized that there is a need to expand services and resources into other areas of abuse, to include elder abuse and bullying among our youth, as well as the need to expand geographically.

Stop Abuse Today is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to support abuse victims, as well as to provide the public with awareness and education related to abuse prevention. Furthermore, the group strives to develop partnerships with school systems, community centers, senior centers, religious centers, and police departments, and aims to develop relationships with our municipal, governmental and religious leaders. The group is reliant on donations in order to operate because they do not receive direct funding from municipal or government agencies.

At its inception, Stop Abuse Today named our own Police Chief, Bryan Haughey, as the very first Chair of the Stop Abuse Today Executive Governance Committee of Officer's. The committee is composed of 7 members and is charged with the responsibility of overseeing the operation of Stop Abuse Today and its member groups. Chief Haughey authored the Rules and Orders for the Governance of Stop Abuse Today, which includes articles of organization, articles of bylaw and constitution, articles of executive governance committee and articles of meeting procedure.

The Holland Police Department is very proud to be affiliated with this group and we look forward to continuing to work with the other individuals who volunteer their time for such an important cause and look forward to our ongoing project of expanding the organization.

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